Slow Summer Reading

MTG reading2I love summer! One of my favorite activities is watching my kids play ball, but second to that is reading. Not only actual reading, but also LISTENING to audio books while I get caught up on some much needed spring summer cleaning annual shoveling out of the house. With a month of summer done, you’d think I’d have a pile of books read and/or listened to, but here’s the thing, I’m a slow reader.

Yep. Fully admitting it. This teacher of reading is a slow reader. Problem is my mind wanders and I spend time developing these elaborate visualizations of the text, perfecting my images, flipping through my mental rolodex finding JUST the right Hollywood actor for each character. Trading Matthew McConaughey, Richard Gere, and Brad Pitt like they were baseball players until I find just the right face for that leading male character. Then I have to go back and reread (or scroll back on my iPod) because I realize I just missed something important as I was off mentally recreating that scene. 

But what I lack in quantity, I make up for in quality, as cliche as that may sound.  I get into books. I care about those characters, I analyze plots and themes, I wonder about what the author was going through while writing the story.  A good book makes me laugh, cry, rub my hands together in excitement, or totally nod in agreement/shake my head in disagreement.  A good book is fulfilling. A good book is thought provoking.  A good book is, well, life changing.  So, while my summer reading list is LONG, I won’t make that big of dent in it, and I’m okay with that.

Happy reading!

Now, where’d I put my book?

2 thoughts on “Slow Summer Reading

  1. I have had fun reading this summer also. I see you holding a Karen Kingsbury book. I love her books. Have you read any by Francine Rivers?? They are so well written!!!! I’m reading her 2010 book now, A Mother’s Hope.

  2. Kelly is exactly the same way. We are opposites – I don’t visualize a thing, when I read “tree” I see in my head “t-r-e-e” not a picture of a beautiful tree. Kelly not only reads every word in his head, but imagines them as well. However, he was the lit major, not me – because it makes for some good reading i guess 🙂

    Enjoy your books!


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