5TG’s Wish Poem

After reading My Wish for You by Mrs. T.G., both 5TG and 5P set to working on their own wish poems. Here’s what 5TG came up with. 5P will be posted soon!

We Wish…
By 5TG

 We are on a mission!


We wish

That we could have the best year ever!   

That the cafeteria made spaghetti tacos. 🙂


We wish   

That we all would study hard and do our best.   


 We wish  

That everyone would make their reading goals.   

That we could have longer reading times.   

That everybody would enjoy reading and writing.  


We wish that pets were allowed in school. 🙂   
(Specifically cats & dogs)


We wish  

That everyone would be treated equally and get along.   

That we could all share things with each other.  


We wish  

That we could learn new things.  

That we could learn how to learn.  

That everyone would succeed in life.  

That the school would get an x-box 360. 🙂


We wish  

That everyone will be middle school ready.  


We wish that these wishes would all come true!


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