Guest Post–My Wish for You

I had the honor of guest posting for Angela Maiers this week.  I finished up my “My Wish for You” poem  and gave it to Angela to share with her followers. Thought I’d share a pdf version of the poem here as well if you’d like a copy to print. Feel free to use and share as you please. Click here for a copy: My Wish for You poem by MrsTG

Now, while the poem took some thought, my true challenge is LIVING it throughout the year. I’m going to mess up. No doubt. I pray on those days I can take responsibility, apologize, and learn from my mistake. Most of us would expect that from our students. Do we expect that from ourselves as well?

Have a great year! I’m looking forward to learning a lot from you, my friends and colleagues.


4 thoughts on “Guest Post–My Wish for You

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  3. Brava, Michelle! I love the final copy and I’m so glad it got a big audience on Angela’s page too. Very nice. My prayer is with yours–to do it day after day. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ll pray for you too!


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