Natalie Kaye

The 5th graders are writing something from their composition books on their blogs today, so I thought I’d add something from mine as well. Here’s what I STARTED earlier and now finished about my daughter.

Natalie Kaye


I am so incredibly proud of who you are. Do you remember when you were in 5th grade and you would ask me, “What am I good at?” I would try to reassure you that while you felt like you were not the best at this or that, you WERE so completely and obviously good at making friends. You would argue that that wasn’t something to be good at, I would argue it WAS. I knew because I noticed how other kids, girls especially, might fight or get in silly arguments at recess, but YOU would walk away and play something else. You were never one for drama, even at that young age.

Well, you are older now, but that is STILL one of your best attributes. You certainly have a variety of friends and you get along with just about anyone, even if some people DO drive you nuts.

But I hope you can see your other good attributes now as well, the most obvious is your drive and initiative. Nobody has to tell you to get busy and get to work. You get things done and look for more to do. You are driven and always looking for some new adventure or opportunity and you are not afraid to give something a try. That’s such a blessing, especially for someone your age.

Your dad and I love you, Natalie, and we are sure that God has plans for your future. We can’t wait to see what those plans will be. Keep that drive and fearlessness, work hard, and make good choices, but most of all, remember to thank the Lord for the work he is doing in you every day.  Heaven IS for real, and God IS good!




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