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Hi! I’m Mrs. T.G., a.k.a. “Michelle Te Grootenhuis.” I started teaching second grade at Hospers Elementary in 1995 and then made the switch to fifth grade in 2007.  In 2015, I moved over to instructional coaching and now I work with teachers both at Hospers and at our middle school.  I completed my master’s degree in curriculum & instruction in 2006 and continue to learn through many resources–primarily Twitter.  Teaching, reading, and learning are my passions.


balloontripaug04 007I live on a farm in Northwest Iowa. That’s it in the picture to the right. We were IN that hot air balloon when I snapped the picture as we flew over our farm. That was AMAZING! Everyone should do that at least ONCE in their lifetime! What a great way to see God’s creation!

Speaking of God’s creation, my family and I are active members of our church, Hospers First Reformed, which is part of the Reformed Church of America.
2015-08-29 19.36.28My husband, Scott, is a farmer  which keeps him VERY busy. He raises cattle, hogs, corn, and soybeans. We LOVE to go to all kinds of sporting events together. Football, basketball, and softball are our favorites!

2016-05-14 09.14.16We have been blessed with two great kids. Natalie graduated from college and is working in Des Moines at the Iowa Corn Growers where she gets to combine her love of all things agriculture with her love of the city. Kyle is in high school and when he’s not at school or helping out on the farm he enjoys playing football, basketball, and soccer.

I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to leave me a comment or question here or send an email to mtegrootenhuis@mocfv.org.

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