No More Sink or Swim AND Making a Difference.

Join us in Sioux Center, Iowa, June 27-28, and 29-30

Join us in Sioux Center, Iowa, June 27-28 and 29-30

I’m offering two courses this summer for either license renewal or graduate credit. The first is called “Purposeful Teaching of Comprehension Strategies: No More Sink or Swim” and the second is called “Making a Difference: Examining What Great Teachers Know and Do“.  I always look forward to meeting new teachers through summer classes and I appreciate how others can offer points of views and ask questions that really sharpen my own understandings. If you are in Northwest Iowa in late June, join us! I’d love to have you sign up and be a part of our conversations. I am certainly blessed and humble to ba a part of them!

Stressed Spelled Backward is Summer

stressed_spelled_backwards_is_dessertsWe’ve all seen the bumper sticker/T-shirt type quote that says, “Stressed spelled backwards is desserts!”

Love that quote. 🙂

But I’m here to tell ya, it should spell summer. 

I absolutely LOVE the Mosaic Email Group of which I’m a member. On the advice of one of the members, I’ve ordered the book The Pressures of Teaching: How Teachers Cope with Classroom Stress by Maureen Robins. It’s a book of essays from various teachers about how they handle the stress of the job and I’m expecting it to arrive this week.  Meanwhile, I’m thinking I could write a chapter. It would go something like this:

To handle stress, enjoy your summer. During your summer, don’t put too much on your “to do” list, feel free to hit your snooze button (or as my friend Mo would say, don’t even set your alarm), and don’t feel the least bit guilty when you get those looks (and sometimes words) from people who are envious that you have the summer “off”.  You could make more money, especially with your Master’s degree, somewhere else, AND if you DID have a different job, you COULD take a week right in the dead of winter to go on a cruise, or a week in October to New England, or ten days in March to go on a “Farms of Hawaii” tour with your husband, but you can’t and you DO love your career. So ENJOY your summer vacation.  The end.

Okay, so the editor of the book would take a red pen to that run-on sentence, but you get my drift.

-Mrs. T.G. 🙂

PS–time to go tackle a few more things on my LONG summer to do list before I start leading and participating in my summer classes and before I begin planning for my new year, sketching out a new scope & sequence, and setting up blogs for my kiddos. Ahh… summer!